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New Season 4 Elixir is NUTS! Perma Artillery Shrine? Diablo 4

bozy0223: cooldowns need to be reduced. gonna say this till the day I die.
IRoN0RE: even more worth it as in the patch notes they state that they have removed artillery and blast wave shrines in the pit.
tomekhome: Love all the Videos, thanks Rob!
robbinwinters2930: I have to admit, Rob, your enthusiasm is contagious. I was already hyped for the new season, but you took it one step further. Thanks!
0Navv: This will most likely be busted
mdee749: The biggest problem gona be the stash
Gore-okami: it's stupid. This game started to looking like mobile... stop.. even diablo immortal is better managed, get better and more items, more fequent updates and content.
kubazak7579: For Necro this might not be as good as we usually consume the corpses
Kingsley_Royal: I wonder if this will get changed. That it won't scale with monster level like the bolts from Tyrael's might chest unique.
Or maybe Tyrael's will get buffed to scale like this, it's not like it has an impact on the pit boss unless it spawns adds

May 12 2024

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