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NEW METHOD! Get any UBER UNIQUE you want 100 GUARANTEED Season 4 Diablo 4

invincaspartan: Took me about 15 hours to max the season solo. If you're not in a group with top players it takes significantly longer than 4 hours
Shari-gt8bk: How does it take 4 hours if you need 15h plus for the whole season quest to complete
RainierKenneth: Crazy how playing through the entire season is faster than actual Uber grinding.
pevvex4452: Good finding. Thing is Uber Uniques lost a bit of value this season because legendary items can be very powerfully upgraded and it makes them not much worst.
blazedehart2748: Oh my god. I just realized that the Codex fix means i can finally play more than one class per season!!
LastRightsTV: 4 hours.... Rob no, it takes you 4 hours. Everyone else 8-12hrs lol
derekreed4910: 4 hours?! Talk about being out of touch. Yeah, maybe it's 4 hours if you have a full group of fanboys following you around so that you can max every single event. But for the rest of us in the real world, that's not even remotely feasible.
a-aron6724: 5 hours of helltide isnt exactly easy for most casuals. 5 hours for people who are living on Diablo 4 isnt much
user-li7zy1zc1b: 4h for lvl 91? i'm doing something wrong
IRORSCHACH: Only grinding Helltide is mind-numbing lmao that's crazy
1knightstand81: I understand chase value, but in a seasonal game I don't understand why uber bosses aren't a guaranteed drop of these. In 3 months, it doesn't matter, it gets reset.

May 20 2024

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