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Live Interview with Diablo 4 Associate Game Director Joe Piepiora

Sashimiburger: Game developers are absolutely amazing at giving answers and giving zero information at the same time.
Sh1tSh0t: The devs don't get enough credit for the transparent approach they've been taking with this game. I definitely appreciate it - and thanks Rhykker for just letting them talk. I'm hopeful for the new season.
smjkxsnoopy: Summary
1. Possibilities of sets in the future
2. Runewords seem to be coming soon
3. Game will solve power creep whether it’s nerfing or increasing monster hp
liamzriouil9597: i agree that the first playthrough is solid , i was glued to my computer
UnderPoverP: Rhykker with no hat?! You’d swear he was meeting the president
marcellofranceschina3690: I have to say, Joe seems like a damn good dude, and I am happy he is on this team. He has a passion for games and specifically diablo that I can see, I loved this interview seeing the teams intent behind changes, and it really clarified a lot of their original intent behind some of the early design choices and I can 100% see how they landed on the initial version of the game, and I love watching them continue to change and adapt to what the game needs as it matures.

Also i friggin love that they take the "memes" in stride and just own them, thanks for your time Joe, great interview
DoctorStrange01: It is really hard to believe a guy who's one of the most important people in this game's development process thought when making it that ARPGs are about leveling experience, lol. When he talked about how the players gave feedback about the game being empty after the campaign and that they had nothing to do and it's boring, it blew my mind. It literally sounded like neither himself, nor anyone else on the development team played any ARPG before, maybe except Diablo 2, in which the whole game is basically campaign and they had this over 20 years old mentality while working on D4, lol.

On one hand, it is believable and makes sense looking at how the game turned out (empty, shallow, no content), on the other hand though it's hard to believe that people responsible for a game called Diablo, released in 2023 after at least a decade of PoE being out, don't even understand what the genre is about nowadays and thought "yeah, let's focus on leveling experience in an ARPG with live service model and regular seasons, sounds good" :D I'm confused.
ZSMacLean: He understood the steak reference, lol... where's the Cow level!
PoohbearZa: Nice job Rhykker
elfdragon4life909: This interview really makes me excited for the future of Diablo IV. I am glad they are going to make changes to systems already in place and create some new endgame systems. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.
Machino: When will Diablo show up in Diablo 4?
baldis12: Should talk to the young guy with the glasses from the campfire chat. I liked him
omniszen6401: Ask the Devs to give us an item called “ the magic hammer” to carry with us and salvage items anywhere in the world. They can lock this item behind a side quest that unlocks after you reach 100.

May 13 2024

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