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Lazymancer Shadow Blight - MOST CHILLED \TANKIEST Necro Build in Season 4 Diablo 4

SuhandiWijaya: Looks pretty good, I need a tanky build because I'm going to play HC right out of the gate.
StillWeRide: they need to do season starts on fridays like d3. i cant wait anymore
demonslayer9016: Perfect lazy build for a lazy gamer ty !
MRkazzai1: Love it ty for the guide this will be my starter, finally minion raise :P
InfoRanker: So will minions actually survive in S4 now? The last time I played necro the minions would die.
nisx2012: Exactly what i was looking for.
etrosknight2254: Build looks awesome, the only thing I like more than DOTs is not having to press buttons!
OliverTidball: Really going to have to do this im very lazy!
Adem.940: a build for me
Zetsuei13: I feel I'm making 1 of each this season. So many builds look like a lot of fun.

May 15 2024

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