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Is Diablo 4 Too Easy AND Too Hard Now?!

WestWrestling06: TIP: Don't sleep on Legion events. They give 900 bundled herbs each event.
pmgpc69: The most fun I had since launch. Blizzard just needs to keep making improvements like this.
bilbobaggins7095: The biggest problem with diablo 4 is the lack of diversity
Copeharder00: I’ve got a Necro and a barb to 100, I’m enjoying this season.
braddlesticks: Easiest solution for Blizz:
T = Travel To Town
Shift T = Travel To Home
elderlight: im one of these dad gamers who isnt even 100 yet, still having a lot of fun. I also second the mindcages staying, people are really not gonna like those going away it'll make helltide less important next season without em
taiidaniblues7792: I think Diablo 4 has been improved drastically. The biggest positive I can say about this season is that I keep wanting to login long after I quit in previous seasons. However, the game still has some major issues. The gameplay loop is pretty solid now in most content, but content is still extremely limited. I basically run Helltides and then Pit. The game just needs some serious tuning on difficulty and more content added to the game. And good lord Blizzard plz add Hell and Diablo to the damn Diablo game.
MrJeremydb91: Getting CCd being basically the only way to die other than a random one shot also feels kinda bad, but overall I’m enjoying season 4!
csafko1: Just got an Andariel's Visage from just running T31 glacial fissure, and I was so hyped. It was my first ever Uber! I reworked my Rogue to take advantage, and Im just dominating now! Love this new season!
razzyrazberries: I'm a D2 main. I played a fair bit of D3, but always liked D2 more.
I don't mind D4, and I'm playing this season now. My biggest issue when the game came out, and still persists in Season 4, is there is still not a lot of class balance or build diversity. I'm a sorc main and the class feels weak. There is one or two viable builds to push end game content. Most skills don't get touched. Now that they got loot fixed I really hope they sit down for Season 5 and prioritize balance. I want to be able to jump into any class and say "i like this skill" and then be able to make that skill work into end-game. Right now I got a choice of 2 or 3 regardless of class. It needs overhauled really bad. It's killing the game for me. I always come back, max the season reward, then quit.
kirkslayer8946: What if Diablo 4 had a rebirth system? Where you would lose all your gear, keep your materials. You would then be able to start over from level 1, but you could allocate ascension points into an ascension board of some type. This would help you in your journey back to level 100.
thesupergeek: Loving the season. Hit 100 yesterday, working through Masterworking and finding replacements for items I've bricked through tempering. My ONE change I want to see, is making boss summoning materials either an auto pickup or make their highlight priority above gear loot. On console, I end up picking up a pile of garbage yellows just to then grab the one trembling hand.
abraxis59: I agree with your assessment that the leveling is a bit too fast and easy, but I will say that you are really starting to work on your end game gear as low as level 75. So, until you get to WT4, I just basically swapped in anything that was number go up with only a few exceptions. But once I hit WT4 I got into things that got me 925 gear ASAP and it worked pretty well.
I think for Ghost, the issue was already clearer AND it is not 100% clear if it's Sony or Steam that made the decision to block the sale of the game in non-Sony countries.
DevvuDraws: Whisper cache on level up past 100 is an idea that should have been implemented yesterday. This is an amazing idea.
dayanbalevski4446: What I have noticed is that every time I join a world boss event, the boss dies in under 10 seconds.

May 27 2024

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