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I Played More of The New Diablo 4

jamiehobsonjh: People when minions were terrible:
zukabazuka: Isn't that what a minion build should be like? Having them doing the major lifting while you sit in the back. It is a lovely build though.
BlackGold-fc7tu: Last Chance. For sure this time.
chargingbadger_: Season 4 is a great update to the game, but it has brought its own balancing issues that need to be sorted out. Overall very happy with season 4 but it’s not perfect.
darkrazial: S4 sure was quite the upgrade compared to what the game was before, but as Asmon said, the real issue is the lack of proper endgame.
Yes, helltides are better, nightmare dungeons have been improved since release aswell and now there are the pits (greater rifts).
But it's all still kinda the same as it was on release. S2 blood harvest were just another version of helltides and nightmare vaults from S3 were a different version of nightmare dungeons.
They really need to add stuff that also sticks around and isn't deleted after every season. Imagine PoE would have removed every league mechanic after the end of their leagues. The game would be noone near as good and contentrich as it is today.
FearValorant: Half the stream he doesn’t even have his hands on the keyboard. What a game
carlthomas99: I ate too many beans
kbutta01: I do miss the minion target attack from D3.
dolo2233: Level 62 necro summoner and it's Hella fun
spysnipedis: Necro minion build is now a mobile cellphone idle game
bibleuddaacid: Getting top to this goes crazy and she looks at me like da fuq this fool watching lmao.

May 23 2024

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