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How to NOT BRICK YOUR ITEMS! Gambling in Diablo 4 Season 4

kraxers8879: I bricked so many items out of greed I got an invitation to join Masons. Thank you for tips.
williamtrudeau5878: Im the Bricked God
dakotaevans8479: Every GA on an item should give you 5 more chances to temper
Pacomanx1: I started with 4 misses, then increased to 5 and even 6, still bricking 50% of my items
trevsguitarstash4967: I really hope they add farmable crafting materials that let you reset tempers, masterworking and a crappier enchant cost one
moonified4561: Assuming there is no pity mechanic, then every roll would have the same chance as the roll before it. I've had it where the same temper (The one I did not want) came up 4 times in a row.
CamBeulGaming: The gambler's fallacy is a logical error that occurs when someone thinks that the probability of an independent event is affected by previous events. For example, someone might believe that a coin is more likely to land on tails after a series of heads, even though the coin has no memory of the previous flips. The gambler's fallacy is based on the false assumption that random events should balance out in the short term.
matisto24: do you use crit damage on the normal bash build or you use still the damage with beserking/close enemies and use the crit damage temper on the bleed version
somebodysomeone23: IMO the temper should not be gamba on both the type of roll and its value. They should get rid of gamba there entirely or allow gamba on only one of the attributes- you either choose attribute and gamba its value roll or you gamble attribute but always guaranteed roll. Then the attributes and rolls of them are like codex. You populate it off of salvage. This is how division 2 does it - no gamba at all and it’s a perfect system. I don’t mind enchant gamba as much as it comes at a massive cost. Though in general, I am just not a fan of gamba - seems very yesterday approach to gear - I think, given how Diablo 4 has recently approved - so much gear gamba is holding it back.
ANUBiS472: This is insane they need to remove how many times you can reroll your gear 5 times isn’t enough and the pity mechanic is just stupid

May 30 2024

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