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Did Blizzard Save Diablo 4? Season 4 Review

tomekhome: the codex change is amazing, it's so much nicer to play now
SKLLZTHATKILLZ: I like how they put the occultist next to the blacksmith now. No more having to run back and forth across town
maofria1452: This season theme is: The necro invasion
Fac3bon3s: Easily the most fun I have had since original release. Everything feels fresh and even the things that carry over from season to season feel different. Placement of vendors and such.
Throck69: I quit after season 1. Now the game actually feels fun
anthoneypelletier2035: The “BBL” reference had me dying lmao
branio127: I’m loving this season. Feels like I can actually go ham and max out a few characters. Bizarre builds at working, too. I’m a companion Druid one shotting everything lol
mario10027105: Played for about 2 hours after work . Was actually really fun to be in the helltide and grind for a bit . It actually made my time spent in the game worth it .
mduffrules: The changes to the base game are really good and a move in the right direction. The lack of a season mechanic will probably make it a quicker season, but the baseline game is there and if they add interesting season mechanics looking forward it will be really good
davidecantile7872: The most fun I've had since release. This is the direction !
KeithEngel: I like the fact that now all herbs are just bundled herbs and the only special herb is angel's breath.
chefaahz: They have “jacked the tits out of the amount of monsters in helltides now”
russellschie1876: It is also a lot easier to change builds on a whim. The codex is awesome.
knaz7468: I only played on initial launch and just came back this season. Feels a bit better than I remember. I'm not super crazy about running helltides nonstop as the main method of leveling. I wish they made other methods just as fast. It doesn't get me excited to log in TBH.

May 17 2024

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