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Diablo 4 Trading Just Had A Huge Change

DietArdee: Why do I have to leave the game to actually trade? There are a very limited number of players in any given area, and even if that was not the case and they put in a global trade channel, I don't want to have to sit around for hours spamming chat trying to get a buyer, avoiding scams, and then possibly trying to figure out the language barrier. I want to head to town, toss my shit I think might be worth something on the AH, and then go back to blasting. :|
Xariann: No way you guys watched the video before you commented!
MattiasTheGamer: Keep in mind everyone, that uniques (and even uber uniques) are often NOT best-in-slot items in Season 4 because you can NOT temper them. So to grind for Uber Uniques is not necessary at all this season for most builds. The best endgame items (and trading) will focus on Greater Affix legendary items :)
raegkwit3575: people are gonna sell items for money not gold
charlesnewborn3760: MattPatt: I just emailed you a Cease and Desist.
ShevaiAsan: Oh boy, all my friends who stopped playing four months after release because all of us were finding uniques that other members of the group needed, but we couldn't share. Nothing like having four sets of unique gloves that my friend running a wizard needed for his build to work.

Glad they're finally going back to things that used to be common in games; what a time to be alive.

Good for them that they're making the game everyone expected; but we shouldn't have had to wait this long for them to step back to make all of the nice things in Season 4 to finally come to fruition.
LegatoGelato-mq5fq: They already have the officially partnered discord and associated trade site for several seasons btw, didn't hear it mentioned in the video, maybe missed it..
matthewmay8572: Correct me if I’m wrong but you can trade everything except mythic uniques and crafted items right?
Vanillasurfer: Someone in blizard coins said: put those 300 guys of marketing to think this trade market.
aaronlee0203: Uber Uniques should have all Greater affixes. Don’t know why they didn’t update it as they updated legendary.
matthewmcconaublaze7008: BIG W

May 13 2024

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