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Diablo 4 Solo Hardcore Barbarian Speedrun

davidstirk164: youtube bots are wild
santoryu4271: Thanks Rax for editing this video im also currently leveling my barb and this helps!
tugberkgoktepe2016: wtf are these bot comments lmfao
noobert5022: season 5 - 5 hours
season 6 - 4 hours
season 7 - diablo 3
billygenewise: Dude that first world tier 4 nightmare dungeon where your fighting dudes 35 lvls higher than you. I've never seen an xp bar shoot up so fast your a god my dude
EnriqueIglesiasBG: You can save a few seconds by using waypoints to tp instead of map. In case you are near a waypoint of course
gr0men: So just over 1 week and the new D4 season. and it's more than done with 4 lvl 100's and nothing else to do other than beating past records.
mdouet: Cool, now let's see the time without Holy Bolts Potion.
simonxiao7242: Is it me or is this guy getting more toxic?
HD-fc4ds: Would’ve been cool to see how fast can you do 1-100 in a group. I’ve seen people done in 4 hours, wonder if its possible even faster.

May 26 2024

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