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Diablo 4 - Shapeshifter Druid Will Rock Season 4

JRledford4173: Very simply, the best build for druid is the one that can find tempest roar before level 90.
adykah992: Super hyped for season 4
The_Wanderer1: Druid is still going to be the weakest class in the game.
KlassiusK: The animation for casting tornodo when you are in Werewolf form is embarrassing, how can they not address that?
slambitzeslam1744: still hoping for the full werebear only build to some day materialize
djfastball: I’m tired of the tempest roar grind. It took me two seasons to find one.
kiyoma2237: build my nado druid pretty much the same but I did the shifting with Bulwark (barrier, unstoppable, etc) and nature's fury =)
shadowhunter0: going to try to bring back the shred grizzly rage just for the fun of it I really liked it but making some changes to it though
ulant4165: I think Lightning storm will be better due to improved dmg on Dancing bolts and lightning strike bonuses.
paweb5401: not first ;(

May 07 2024

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