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Diablo 4 Season 4 Ultimate Guide

TheUnburntGod: Hey Rhykker. Just want to apologize for leaving a rude comment and arguing with you when I was like 13 or so on an Overwatch video you made. You were ripping into the skins during an event and I remember saying something like "JUST APPRECIATE THE WORK THEY DID!!!!" and then we argued lmao. I'm 20 now and just want to say I enjoy your videos to this day.
Geechi_: The codex change is such a massive W. Game feels significantly better to play without having to hoard aspects left and right
johnreeves5152: I cannot understate how much salvaging aspects is a game changer. It's so easy and so intuitive.
hernanifilipepintovieira1255: I went from Helltide to Helldive; you convinced me to go back to Helltide and give it a try.
isaacbenrubi9613: Rhykker out here helping us plebs whoop Satan's ass.
lil----lil: What a wonderful way to explain things and feeling like having a conversation with a friend! Thank You Rhykker!
timestimesx7535: Just the camera distance made so much difference with my enjoyment of the game.
Theajaxcleaner: Gotta say, this video is the most beneficial I’ve seen regarding D4’s new systems. I left D4 after season 2’s debacle. Look forward to reinvesting in the game. Keep it up brother, got my sub.
zacharyvestal4430: Another tip, the strongholds monsters levels always scale but they still drop that world tiers items at their normal level so if you jump up into world tier 3-4 early and you’re still under leveled just run them until you hit the level requirement to equip the gear. Then go helltide again lol
leeantrobus2239: I moved away at sesson 3 waiting for this season, bumbled my way about since it dropped, this video is incredibly put together, thank you!
ihatedecaf2971: This video packed an amazing amount of info into it, and it was very clearly explained. I feel like I'm ready to start the season with a good understanding of the important new mechanics. Thanks, Rhykker!

May 23 2024

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