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Diablo 4 Season 4 Theme Revealed and It's...

chrisdoil: i know the lack of a meaty seasonal theme will likely garnish backlash, but i think it's a good idea to use this season to establish a baseline of power before getting back to seasonal powers in subsequent seasons, given that so many interconnected systems were just overhauled.
JAndersonGhost0326: I was in the camp of people saying to pause development on seasonal mechanics and fix the base game instead. Seems like that's pretty much what they did, so I'm pleased with it
jodinsan: I think people are missing one thing about this season's theme in that the Iron Wolves narrative beats will continue into the game's future lore. This, I think, is what they should establish for seasonal themes going forwards. Each season, play out a story, then either tie it into the next season's story, or revisit the story in future seasons with new narrative beats but the same mechanic.
McDuda69: Obviously the lack of a season theme will upset some people, as their proposed Loot Reborn system should have been a part of the base game since launch.
jamescarter6468: I think giving the theme a rest will be good since everyone complains about them. It’ll be nice to just work with the changes for now
dok2k33: Season of Eternal Realm
MonsterZero_17: Weirdly, I'm ok with no season theme. Because it means we won't be so grossly overpowered as the past two seasons, so the game will be more difficult. The game is too easy overall, so it's kind of nice.
Zenith118: damn, I'm really going to miss my damage on Tuesdays when it's between 50 and 60 degrees out and I'm walking more than 3 mph
jaysoniorg2950: I'm an exceedingly harsh critic of D4. Honestly, I think this team is entirely clueless, however, I couldn't care any less about the lack of a true theme outside of itemization. For the love of god, I'd much rather have meaningful changes that improve the game as a whole, rather than meaningless rotational gimmicks. If I had things my way, they'd put 100% of their effort into making a great game rather than stupid bologna in the form of a seasonal theme. This is a huge win.
thefinalwitness130: It's actually rad they decided to put ALL their effort into just rebuilding the itemization and were like "eh we don't need a theme, have fun with the new endgame"
tairyu2574: Loot 2.0 was a great update for Diablo 3. Hope Loot Reborn is the same.
wax99: This is the first season that truly has me excited. I do like that they are making an effort to take feedback into consideration.
nevcairiel: Avoiding a huge mechanic is actually smart - as it then won't overshadow the base changes and let you actually fully evaluate and balance the new content without being diluted.
juniorceccon: This will be my first time coming back to the game since I stopped playing before Season 1. I'm excited, but cautious.
MrMetFanSC: Honestly this is always what made sense to me for this season if we had this huge additional power item that was giving us a bunch of cool things I think that would take away from what this rebalance is and how it works. I think this is exactly what I expected and I think the iron wolves faction and the potion will probably also go “core” after the new season they are just limited to the season so they can feel free to tweak the rewards and mechanics when they decide to include it going forward

You know just like POE did for years

First time I am honestly excited for a d4 season loooing forward to the 14th
TheDragon07: I’m a console player and did not get to participate in the PTR, so I’m am fully looking forward to checking out all the awesome new stuff they added. No complaints here. Bring on the demon hordes and that poison whore Andariel.
ArshikaTowers: You can't have a theme with this huge of an update to the loot system. They need to be able to see what is broken and what needs buffs; this would be very difficult if they were contending with a season theme as well. Blizzard needs to fix the game, then they can worry about system themes.
gamerzero9764: I’m not mad about season 4. This will give us 3 months to get an understanding of the new mechanics.
feldon27: Season 4 basically has no theme and that's ok. PTR was a blast and I'm looking forward to building up my character fully master worked and tempered. I didn't even try that super Uber bosses that much
pbt189: Great video as always.
Maybe the tempering was the s04 theme, but they decided to put this as part of the "loot" rework

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