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Diablo 4 Season 4 Quick Start Guide - Everything You Should Know

VicJang: DM really starts the video with “First thing you need to know” for a “Everything you need to know” video. Absolute chad!
randomguy9282: I absolutely love how straight to the point and short your videos are.
vik7007: I love how you don't "marinate" us in the videos, straight to the point. Keep it up!
3G00dboys41: Dm you've been my Go to D4 youtuber since release. Thank you and I hope your doing well brother.
thevagrantgaming: Shout out to DM for not uploading 10 minutes of information using a 30 minute twitch clip.
Drewbert__: Like everyone already said, your videos are no BS and you get straight to the point. Love it
ChalcoAPRN: Really appreciate the concise and pertinent information. Looking forward to getting back into D4. Thanks. Hope you are doing well.
dijon3106: I swear this is why I filled you when Diablo 4 first came out. Non biased, no filler bs, just straight raw information that we need, no 40 minute video rambling etc. Love you DM
alexgauthier1274: thank you for that !!! amazing videos. straight to the point. love it <3
mukasi3334: I enjoy how you're not wasting time and describe the important things straight forward. thanks for the video!!

May 15 2024

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