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Diablo 4 Season 4 Preview - Improved Itemization, Affixes changes, Helltides overhaul!

yadamspiezer: The itemization in this game is, and always has been, horrendously boring and uninspired. Please stop parroting the propaganda that it's fixed. Getting the exact same affixes over and over with incrementally higher numbers on nameless lifeless copies is not interesting.
serjofcinder8925: Man, I'd wanna play again but after that grind before S1 to level 100, I'm completely burnt off
theolong6689: You know funny enough I think I really like the more streamlined less grindy approach they are taking. I played LE for a bit and while I think it is definitely the better game for enthusiasts, the itemization and loot was a bit overwhelming and I got bored pretty quickly. I think I have to admit that for these types of games I definitely am more in the casual camp where I want to be able to level fast, kill a ton of stuff, unlock all the cool things at a relatively quick/easy pace and not have to go through and endless tedious rng based grind to get anywhere. So yea I think I will come back and give this game a try again. Gameplay was always solid its just the grind was so tedious and unrewarding. Also there was very little build variety so its looking much better now a year later.
natashamaddox3117: I might actually come back to D4 Tbh
bo3abedsama: So is it the right time to play it now?
theolong6689: Oh BTW fextra you should check out V Rising on the 8th for its 1.0 launch. Its shaping up to be the best open world survival rpg to come out in years as well as the best vampire rpg ever. Would be cool to see some coverage and builds from you guys.
SubFlow22: No, no it still looks awfully boring.
J418.: What keeps people playing?
tonydeluna8095: From Elden Ring to Diablo 4 guides , sweet! Sweet guide improvements from Diablo 4
joenewson3376: I like how people play 200 hours then turn around and say they don't like it
Greenhead24: Nothing can save diablo 4,the fact they put it out on steam but not diablo 1,2 or 3 and for half price tells you all you need to know.

May 08 2024

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