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Diablo 4 Season 4 Patch Notes 1.4.1

jonr7364: aight im officially done with this game. never played a barb before and was enjoying bash barb. 40 hours wasted. im done.
mdouet: Glad I never switched from Double Swing to Bash, looks like Thorns will be the S tier build for Barbs now.
alexaugustus1011: Mid season nerf... all mats and pits wasted. Thank you!
KatCat18: RIP Bash probably a tier lower now, thank god i was going for dust devils
rasti1370: and the double dipping on holy bolts stays in the game? oneshotting pit 140er bosses on necro minion master? great.....
tolgaakif3112: I hope the crashes will be fixed
thefalkyr: Such a shame that those playing a bash barb are forced to change-up this far into the season. I thought Blizz said they wouldn't make changes this significant in the middle of a season. Am I wrong???
madsboandersen5316: No one knew the bash barb was performing well because of a bug. Now they fix the bug, but also does nothing to make up for it? It's not even a mega-OP strongest build in the season. Barbs has better end game builds, too. This is just rude.
And tons of barbs are gonna wake up on 28th, and suddenly, their bash barb is a whole lot weaker, because Diablo 4 devs just loves to hate on barbs. Having four weapons is just MORE GRINDNG, especially in this hellish grindfest of a season. And casuals are still getting bankrupt even by just trying to roll CDR on a helmet at the enchanter.

But you know what the worst of it is? It's nigh impossible for causals to CHANGE BUILDS and experiment, because of how insanely grindy and expensive this season is. It is not LOOT REBORN. It is "Season of FULL TIME JOB aRPG."

I stopped playing because of the obscene amount of grinding you have to do in this season, just to be allowed to get to real end game, and the fact that when you do finally find that unicorn 2-3 greater affix roll, it just gets bricked by bad luck on tempering anyway and goes into the trash bin along with 99,999% of other items.
Tempering shouldn't be a lottery. It should just be a way to put what you want on your gear and have fun playing. No luck involved. No charges involved. Luck is not fun when it just punches you in the dick for no reason.

Anyway, that's me being done ranting. Enjoy the season if you can! ^^
YAYGamingYourOwnSenpai: Keeping the tradition of nerf barbarian.
BouledeBoisBill: Reading the comments I feel people don't understant the difference between a nerf and a bug fix. The temper affixes clearly stated damage and not X damadge. Fixing what was supposed to be is not a nerf

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