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Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Class Tier List Guide

Infernoblade1010: Hey Rhykker, it's folks!
keithlancaster1517: Im going Barb..... in Rob we trust
nullharmonic: Bash/Thorns barb is going to surprise a lot of people on how good it is
N3rdVenture: As usual, a clear concise video, thank you Rykker for making all the information (without any bias) so easy to understand :)
GermoDante: I'd love to get a decent wind druid build eventually that doesn't involve any shapeshifting.
dastoten5044: Finally! Necromancer is actually a Necromancer. Can't wait to run a minion build
nelsonreyes1778: Wrong on this on Rhykker.. Barb is going land somewhere in A to S tier
Queen-dl5ju: they really knocked it out of the park with the new system... basically anything can be super powerful with the masterworking and tempering
MakiMaki.: Really looking forward to playing Frozen Orb Sorceress!
ReadyToRek: Haven't played since pre season launch but I'm thinking this seems like a pretty decent time to come back and give it another shot. I got a few characters to 100 but the lack of any real endgame was really starting to wear me down. Then that one overly heavy nerf patch really sapped my desire to play anymore. After watching some videos from the Maxroll gang, I'm cautiously optimistic XD
marc-andredeslauriers7687: Been waiting for minion necro since the start.

Let’s go :). Might try to make it my first lvl 100
francescopace7079: The tempering and master working of items, really opens the game to off the chart builds that will alter, change or empower skills giving them different mechanics. I think if they keep on it and introduce new tempering and master work mats that alter skills will be super. The devs have a framework now. So adding should be easy to make super fun skill mechanics
lllCTHULHUlll: I know this season is just a stepping stone to iron out crafting and gear, but I can't help being disappointed that Necro is this far ahead of every other class. Don't get me wrong, I love Necro and will play it, but it's insane that it's so overpowered that other classes don't compare. Class diversity just fell off a cliff.
JGeary387: I was looking forward to this video for a long time. Felt like the good old Diablo 3 days. Much appreicated!

May 18 2024

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