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Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Builds / Class Tierlist (New Builds Season of Loot Reborn Diablo IV)

zacharylansing: In terms of comparing classes clear speed, it should really be moot. The leaderboard should only be by a class by class basis. All necros are their own leaderboard, barb is it's own leaderboard etc. Like diablo 3
wilsonjp23: I don't understand why the Dev's miss the mark so hard with Rogue. The class gets worse with every patch. We either get Nerfs or bug fixes and of course, we are talking about damage-enabling bugs, god forbid the dev's fixing shadow clone.
ojayowusu605: Was looking forward to frozen orb
IAmBrennanWant: Love you how say, there’s so many builds in the game.. been the exact same builds since the game dropped.
Thorgrimn: Whoever is in charge of rogue class should be fired. It has gotten worse every season and it is boring to play now because of energy issues. Just awful.
petermegadon1: Every class should be S Tier.
mrst7205: Take a shot everytime he says "Necro"
shadowhunter0: I already have an idea on the build I'm going to try it its an update to an old build that got completely nerfed and was never top tier but it was the build that I enjoyed the most and been testing it in season 3 a bit and so not really geared out and its not bad at all and these changes should buff it quite a bit
user-ng4kh6xw5z: @Slaydra Where do you rate Thorns barb in Seaseon 4?

May 07 2024

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