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Diablo 4's very last chance to save Blizzard

1VeryModestMouse: Last chance, no one fools me 5 times in a row.
mairovergara: Am I the only person who thinks that "Loot Reborn" is the dumbest title ever for a season?"
KOBEASTXIV: can't wait for season 30 diablo 4's truly last final ultimate omega chance
Honed-: season 3: this is diablos last chance.
season 4: this is diablos last chance.

i'm begin to see a pattern.
kanaria-cu3uv: truly the lastest of chances
Obi-Wan_Kenobi62: "babe wake up, the last chance to save diablo 4 just dropped"
strixt: Darth must have a copium generator under that beanie
BrandonHP: Fool me quadrice, shame on me; fool me quintice, shame on me also.
jh_lolz: the fifth last chance lets go
mikeacosta407: Diablo 4 updates are like an EMT doing CPR on a decapitation victim.
baffledalien5397: I won't play until they make female druid not look like a 90's Roseanne Barr.
Rannulfus: Titles of the next videos in the series:
Diablo 4's very very last chance
Diablo 4's for real this time last chance
Diablo 4's very we really mean it this time guys we swear last chance
Diablo 4's last chance: The reckoning
Diablo 4's last chance: Revengeance
Diablo 4's last chance: holiday special
Diablo 4's last chance goes to space
Diablo 4's last chance: Apocalypse
Dude, where's Diablo 4's last chance?
Diablo 4's last chance: Seventh inning pitch
Diablo 4's last chance: Endgame
NahThisIsPatrick: only here for the drama, not touching the game again
starkiller34: Last chance?
I don't know what's up in the gaming world, but usually, in any other field, if you bungle the core aspect (loot/gearing) of a multi-million dollar project twice in a row... you never EVER get hired in that field again. It's rare you get to squander an IP this strong multiple times in a row.
philkensebben6672: “Loot reborn”, what corporatisation. It has a really “how do you do, fellow gamers?” feel about it
MusicSkeletonKeys: Season 4: Out of Beta Maybe
petegonzalez2763: Im suprised diablo 4 hasn't partnered with raid shadow legends yet
hano5277: Imagine learning nothing from Diablo 1 and 2... Then learning nothing from your failures on Diablo 3 and everything you did to fix it and not carrying it over to Diablo 4.

Lol get wrecked.
jtgh79: really miss the old diablo 2 style format single player without all this live service BS
Musashi42069: 6th last chance guys, THIS TIME FOR SURE
AcidGlow: It will get better in season 245!! just wait
Deathslizer: Find it amusing that the devs solutions for every season is like lets shift some numbers here and there and see what happens instead of fixing the core issue where the game is just boring and frustrating...
DandyDanonino: There is a reason why cancer only gets to 4th stage at max
FredoBeamer: "the last chance" , More like the last time they can hold enough audience to sell the next $100 dlc.
unclelucas2389: as a 41 year old boomer, i really wanna just fall in love with a game again man. last time this happened was MHW / Iceborne. This was the last time i went "wow, this is such a great game!"

im still hoping something comes along one of these days.
TakuyaMutsuki: Still waiting for Path of Exile 2... just.... waiting...
prosansmeta8662: "So we chose a build for every class in Season 4" Why are these people making video games with builds? There's something about the Blizzard environment that makes them feel the need to decide for players how to play the game. In WoW's Dragonflight, Tier sets were based around a specific talent. Didn't use or like that talent? Too bad. In WoW's War Within, Hero Talents are based around a specific talent. Didn't use or like that talent? Too bad. In Diablo 4's Season 4, legendaries are based around a specific build. Didn't use or like that build? Too bad.
hagbardceline1980: B i l l z o r d ' s last, last, last, last, last, last, last, last chance.
TurdFerguson88: I am done with Blizzard forever to be honest with you. Deleted everything about them off of everything. Done.
JunkyCube: can they remake the skill twig into a tree?
ndrazzar: you know what they say: you have a last chance until you take another one
AuxxiliaryATC: At least in the thumbnail of this “last chance for blizzard” video hes not doing the “GASP” face. Maybe on the next last chance video they will go back to those.
soundtorial4567: Am i crazy guys or didnt the devs stated before the release that we wont see dmg numbers like on d3 and that it would be more like d2?
And ofc we see yellow 2 trillion dmg crits lmao
caseyczarnomski8054: There is no way these are the expectations from Diablo 4. Everyone on this panel is so far removed from the player base it boggles the mind. They were in diapers when Diablo created this genre, and only see the $$$$$. Look into their eyes, and you will literally see $$$$$
ChilledMoo: I had to check the video date to see which last chance this was
maafremsayablong: The grand finale of last chance
user-wr3jh7ov3h: « Last chance »

Dude, I’ve been gone since week 3. There’s nothing they are capable of doing that would save this game.
jorenthar9186: Fool me once shame on you. Fool me fives times... you can fool me any number of times
Dreamcore_fan: no it isnt. all they have to do is go into the code, change a couple of numbers, and create a pretty trailer to get everyone to buy their 'expansion' DLC including you asmongold.
LOBOTOMINIZER: i bought ultimate edition.
never went back after deleting during season 1.
bbsonjohn: We can think like this. Everytime was D4 last chance. But they seized the chance and successfully survived. So next time is the last chance again.
bahamut149: 50 shades of last chance.
KrazyTrumpeter05: Wow, I can't believe it's almost been 1 year since the Diablo 4 beta released to the public
LinTekKim: The last last last last chance
reaperbot5226: shame they wasted so much time, effort and money on Diablo immortal instead of using it on Diablo 4 to improve the game before release.
trathanstargazer6421: Diablo: Last Chance 14: Version 2.0: Build: 7

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