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Diablo 4's Next Big Addition Has Been Teased By Devs? (Skill Augmenting)

reid9041: What people don't understand is gaming is not like it was back in the day. Games are live stream games now. So we get a game we play and it evolves as time goes on. All we can do is play give feedback and hope they listen for the next season.
AntExe-ey5my: One idea I had to improve the skill tree in a kind of unique way is the idea of "Skill Swapping". The idea is that each class has a selection of skills that can be swapped for a skill from a different cluster in the tree. The skills then function in a way that suits the cluster it has been moved into but still fits the theme of the original skill. It's kind of too abstract to explain it like that so here's an example...
Take the sorc skills, Ice Blades and Frozen Orb. Now swap them around so Ice Blades becomes a core skill and Frozen Orb becomes a conjuration skill. Casting ice blades performs a short range cleave type attack with one blade while the other blade appears and cleaves some random enemy elsewhere on the screen (or the same enemy in the case of a boss), it has a mana cost and no cooldown just like a core skill.
Meanwhile Frozen Orb, as conjuration skill, conjures an orb that drifts around, loosely following the player, shooting ice bolts at random enemies until it explodes when its duration expires.
Now apply this principle to several skills per class, including some options that result in the damage type changing to a different one.
We'd get so much more functionality out of the skill tree without making it a convoluted mess.
Queen-dl5ju: it pisses me off that diablo immortal has so much more game modes and content than d4... they even have raids and battle grounds.. ridiculous
Queen-dl5ju: i dont think the skill tree needs to be complicated, its just there for basic skills, the modifiers with ur gear and codex is where you really make ur build
EDMDUDE28: That be amazing and also add elements to classes that don't have any elements like barbarian or add more to all classes
MrDarkBM: They need to keep adding depth into everything.
nikoreva2078: No, we need RUNEWORDS to do all that crazy stuff!
KING_TITAN.: How would that work for rogue since it’s affixes are straight up nothing special
mindezz: It was available in d3 where every skill had 4 different type of runes where you choose what elements you want the skill to hit
JozaMuva: Sounds like more LE. Diablo 4 Season 5: Age of Epoch

May 07 2024

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