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Diablo 4 New Best TRILLION DAMAGE Sorcerer Build New Ice Spikes Combo OP Skills Gear Guide!

zGrillSGT: Ill be honest it's annoying every 5 hours getting a "new best build" the just old builds refreshed with a new video. Make one for a bulwark druid and ill be interested.
javedshamim2924: Used to like these videos but its so exhausting seeing New Best in every video.
escanor3787: We need "new best gazillion damage sorcerer build"? in a couple of days
brolytek: Hei
There is an aspect (Snowveiled aspect) that makes u unstopplable with ice armor. It can be a good mana solve if u want
kaigenbessette3540: Other people can complain all they want.I'll stick to your frozen orb v2 , its works perfectly
bobdooley8606: Just FYI - on tbe build page you have the helmet and chest armor tempering stating two defensive affixes - I don't think that's possible. No big deal, just saying. Also, on the staff you can't get attack speed as far as I can see.
user-cz3is6fx2m: Please don’t make builds then show them off using the holy bolt elixir.
KyleSage35: Thank you so much Josh for pacing these vids a lil slower then Hallow, its hard to pause in time to read the screen with his necro builds.
Semirotta: Ive said this before and I continue to say this more in the future for sure; As long as the developers do not add Wardrope mechanism like in Diablo 3 where you can save builds and click to switch gear / spells / paragons easily; there is absolutely no focking point in making multiple builds unless you want to play multiple characters to 100.
Also as long as they dont change this idiotic 2 enchantment meta where youre always forced to use fire bolt there, sorcs continue to suck. It is unfortunate.
hieuphan8992: a meteor build, please. I’m struggling with it and need your help !

May 27 2024

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