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Diablo 4 New Best TRILLION Damage Necromancer Minion Build 1 Shot ANY Boss Easy Pit 100 Guide!

Lex_Thompson: Druid mains are in need of a new build video!
itsdinkd1771: Heads up. Tendrils size can only go up to 100%. Check profile stats under the attribute.
AjuntaPall316: If you place Flesh eater before Scent of Death (and then invert them), and take a couple dex nodes instead of an int on a couple corners, you'll hit 450 Dex and enable the double bonus of damage to elites on the Flesh Eater board. Since that node is already doubled that's an extra 32% extra elite damage you're missing. It's the same amount of points and otherwise the exact same path, so it seems silly to not benefit from getting that additional bonus.
phatman9762: I really hate that we have to waste four levels worth of points to get our build off the ground.
dark-durkx3694: Have you thought about using EdgeMasters over inner calm since you should always have full essence?
justinpond7737: I wish ppl would stop using the holy bolts bug and saying their build one shots everything. Show me one without that shit
Righteous_Ru: Thanks for making corpse explosion build
CrashBashL: Nice !!
Now show us a Lilith kill.
ilmstreams: Hey Hollow! Grats on the grandfather sword. I got one on my Barb, too.

Just a little cautionary note for you: that sword is bugged with masterworking right now, where when you do your 12th final upgrade it does not apply the actual 25% single stat line upgrade. I have a 12/12 Grandfather on my Barbarian fully masterworked, even with the final 250 neathiron cost, and this happebed to me. I posted my findings about the bug on the tech support forums, as somebody else had already created a thread about it.

If were you, I would only take your Grandfather to 11 out of 12 until we see a blue post or a patch note showing that this problem has been fixed. Otherwise you're just tossing 250 neathiron down the drain for no reason!
andrewmcclure1123: appreciate the shoutout
stephenzajonc4766: I tried blight and swapped to corpse explosion almost immediately because it was way more consistent for me on console to land.

May 23 2024

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