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Diablo 4 New Best MOST POWERFUL Build For ALL Classes Class Pit Ranking in Season 4!

sailorchamp9752: Biggest downfall of golem is the horrendous ai it has
mannyonaleash2222: This video highlights how much the game NEEDS "The Armory" from Diablo 3. So many variations of the same class build for doing different activities in the game.
IRORSCHACH: It's almost as if Blizzard is afraid to buff Sorcerer. Just give us a drop of water
duaneosrs1615: Love this vid, as a new player starting this season i got hooked leveling my sourcer with an inenirate build to 100 then have been so confused as to where take the build from there, after watching this the answer is clear.. make a new hero xD
rjstram: I don't care if its "the best" Barb build. I've been playing a spin to win whirlwind Barb since D2 because I habe the most fun playing it. Dust Devil is just WW Barb perfected in D3 and Im happy that its possible in 4.
michaelpease2103: I don't know how you guys play with damage numbers on screen. It's horrendous and the first thing I turned off on release.
2_SLEEPY: I need some help with the incinerate build update please! Currently slowing down at pit lvl 17
showtimekid7749: God sorc looks boring as hell compared to the other classes lol.
Naturalhigh8: i really hope they fix all these cheesy setups and the fact that some abilities do 10-20 times or even more of what others do. Also, amulets have entirely too many possible stats on them. the devs have come a long way with the game. But there's still A LOT to go.
CryptoKeeper36: Another great vid. My only comment is you saying Thorn's barb is for pits while bash is better for sub-100. Thorns is certainly more defensive and not as good for speed, but bash is better for everything. It's stomping thorns even in Pit. I think Bash has a 139 clear? second over all in the world.

May 29 2024

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