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Diablo 4 New Best INFINITE DPS Sorcerer Build Season 4 Frozen Orb OP Skills Gear Guide!

vincevino2457: Believe it or not I love the incinerate build we need a end game fire build
mikegoldfinch: Great clear terrible single target dps
medicatedmermaid4128: Playing Incinerate lvl sorc and am now lvl 100. Kinda made stuff up after your (awesome!) guide didn’t continue. Having a BLAST! any chance you can complete that build?
validhtml: Hi! Can U finish paragon board on Incinerate build sorc. pls?
cordial001: Apart from getting the unique drops, the main PITA about getting this build to work is the luck you need to get the proper tempers. I'm really beginning to hate being able to brick otherwise great gear
KnockOutIguana: YES I've been waiting for you to post this build im ready to go!!!
nellownewworld8660: Thx for video, im hopping you find a boss killer build with frozen orbs but sadly not.
My sorcerer is close to eprfect, i have all uniques harlequin and the uber ring, i were so lucky to get those 2 uber unique so fast and .... i cant kill an uber boss, my frozen orbs atm do at maximum 1.2M damage.
Its so cool to clean fast some content, but when boss comes, i feel this build is so limited when i saw all other classes do billion of damage quickly.
sethbrooks8602: Swear to god these mfs post so consistently on updated builds and patches loved this channel since mhw.
tomatosteve3721: Is blizzard build still good? How would that look likr in s4?
miszewski: ehh looking at them 2 extra necks in inventory makes me sad.. over 50 kills and i still dont have it ;((

May 18 2024

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