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Diablo 4 New Best Class in Season 4 is... Class Power Rankings Best Builds Pit More!

ItsChrisFtw: Necro is so meta that I can't bring myself to play one lmao. That's all I see in the game. I'll play any other class
xberserkir9608: Minion Necro is strong but it is so boring had to switch to a different class
FAISALMILAN: Funny that I went with Rouge even thou that I know he's at the bottom of the tier list
But I don't care because I am just playing to enjoy the game
Not trying hard for anything
antonriddoch8: Bro still doesnt know that druid was the best in abatoir
falc410: I felt very weak with my sorcerer this time and just made it to pit level 61 with mediocre gear. Seeing as how the Druids seem to struggle, I don’t feel that bad anymore
pateman30: Pit is over tuned. I think tier 61 should be more around 51 in health on boss. Most casual players will never make it to 61.
thibauddd2825: Quick question, I feel like uniques are not that strong since we cannot upgrade them like legendary (except few exceptions which are amazing unique) am I wrong ?
lovemetalmike: itd be great if the game didnt constantly lag and crash
harborwolf22: The first two comments are morons saying "first!" and "second!"

You guys are tools.

I just went through the level 70 capstone with my necro at level 54 and absolutely DEMOLISHED everything in it.

Necro is crazy powerful
Ehx0: Barbarian has been a blast for me. Dust devil barb is one of the most fun builds in the game.
360Fov: I have a 33 rogue...its been uninpiring and honestly the least enjoyable D4 experience of any season thus far. My first character was a Rogue and it was good...but after a few seaons worth of broken builds, my expectations are totally messed up, and not being able to delete the entire screen instantly with zero effort, somehow seems like a bad thing now.

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