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Diablo 4 New Best BILLION Damage Necromancer Minion Build This Combo GAME BREAKING Guide!

AustoLaVista: Right now I'm lvl 80 not the best gear perfect affixes etc pushing mid 50 tier dungeons and it doesn't really matter Minions is just obliterating everything and Golem is almost 1 shotting everything and it's super fun and enjoyable
nicholasmalkerson1684: The upgrade on reapers is bugged the 2nd one gives you both benefits so always use the 2nd for now
davidcoakley5178: Reapers are currently bugged right now and option 2 also gives you option 1. It's been tested many times, just a heads up.
max6jay: I have a similar build and pushed to pit 70 but I don't think I could do a tormented boss.....if you show solo it would be more convincing as the 4 man finish only shows you possibly got carried.
Naklov351: New best,
New mega dps
Omg dps is so good forget the last build.
Click bait best best uber build necro minion, i change one skill from the left and put it on the right.

Oh Bester of Besters build minion necro shadow minion big D smash golem
michaelrivas65: Side note: if you're up for sacrificing the boots for Yen's Blessing. You can almost keep a good uptime on golem slam. ( Cast golem slam, afterwards wherever you cast decrepify golem will run to and slam) Hope this helps and is as useful as I have found it!

Just have to be mindful of the tendrils
KyleSage35: This is the kind of build I've been looking for, been trying to build the season 4 necro and its my first time actually playing the season & going past lvl 20.
austindamewood3462: I find it hilarious the amount of people that freak about the titles of the videos. Like get over it. Loving Necro this season. Thanks for the build!
KeaneKamina: Thanks P4wnyhof!
evilstermegaman: Okay, so, you should do more research. For reapers, you always take slot 2, because reapers are bugged and still have slot 1 active anyways.

May 21 2024

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