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Diablo 4 Memes Themes \Interviews (season 4)

SuhandiWijaya: "Damage to frozen enemies that are moving"
Rob2628: Here we go again! Season 4 HYPE
TobiasSherman: The HESS truck was a real throwback lol. AMAZING. Frostylaroo gets better with each video.
MrHoopski: my FEEDBACK to you is ......dont ever stop making these videos, they are awesome, well done again
oopomopoo: I liked my damage being buffed on Tuesdays
DukieGuy: Everyone knocking damage on Tuesdays but did you forget they always launch seasons on Tuesdays? The communities constant complaints have doomed us all to a regular damage launch day. RIP Tuesdays.
MiCKEYDiAMONDSS: Season theme; Diablo 4 beta is over
endorphinADMIN: the season of feedback
Skaatje: Bold of you to assume I'm going to try that shit again.
damaark21: I'm really looking forward to being disappointed for the 2 days I'll be playing season 4 before moving on again.
andy9565: Still waiting for my Uber Tomb Lord

May 13 2024

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