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Diablo 4 Just Got New Changes, Wild Leaks and About That New Class...

TakedaKenshin: Id like D4 to introduce Pets we need gold pickups
marshallmcelmurry7087: A new map with the expansion is, from what I understood, a given. At blizzcon they showed a theme with a jungle type tileset.
vinni3c: D4 is back
Djenx-: the only major problem i have with the game rn is when you reroll a tempered affix, it can reroll to the same affix... doesn't make any sense and it can happen multiple times in a row too...BS!
lukebrady65: The shops product rotation strategy is deliberate and well-researched. Customers are more likely to make purchases when they are aware that the selection changes regularly and that some items may be available for a limited time. Don't for a second think this isn't by design.
2oozedae: TBH I never liked legion events, even when they were one of the best ways to get XP leveling. I just don't like the event itself and think it needs to be redesigned in some other way. The little campfire thing that you have to show up extra early for just to stand there feels dumb, and the shadow figure that appears over and over again and takes forever to start the next fight is annoying
matthuck378: THe other day, the gold thing bothered me. I hit level 30 and couldn't afford the healing potion upgrade immediately. But now, it seems fixed. I have no problems getting gold, even in WT 2 and pre-level 50.

But, that does not address the real problem. We shouldn't have to upgrade healing potions at all. Just give it to us automatically on levelup.
Alejandro_87: Of fkn course the shop items are cooler looking than the battle pass or in-game items, that's why i hated the concept of a store in the first place.
dreddy_g: I would love a Paladin class.

May 25 2024

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