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Diablo 4 Items Are Now INTERESTING? Season 4 Itemization Changes EXPLAINED!

In the Diablo 4 season, there are significant changes to itemization that promise to make items more engaging and impactful.

Fewer Drops, Higher Quality:
Unused affixes will be removed, streamlining the item pool.
The total number of affixes on gear will be lowered.
Only Sacred items will appear in World Tier Three, while Ancestral items will appear in World Tier Four.
All Legendary and Unique dropped items will be tradeable12.

Legendary Items:
Legendary items will now have 3 affixes instead of 4.
Rare items will have 2 affixes instead of 4.

These changes aim to enhance the overall itemization experience, providing players with more meaningful choices and a faster progression path. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to the world of Sanctuary, these adjustments should make your loot hunt even more exciting!

Mar 25 2024

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