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Diablo 4 is Not What You Expect 1 Year Later

Zesmas: i just wish diablo 4 transmogs werent so barren. they keep adding cool Transmogs that cost 25 fucking dollars..........
martcp71: I pre-ordered D4, enjoyed the beta, hated seasons 1 and 2, skipped 3 altogether. I came back to try season 4 and I admit I lose track of time because I'm actually having fun again. I hope this is a positive trend. Thanks for the video!
SlashingMike: My biggest complaint about D4 currently, that i'd love to see changed some day, all the greatest fashion options are locked behind a massive paywall. I'd love a way to farm those cosmetics in an endgame mechanic. Even with low drop rates, would give players options to get those amazing outfits without spending so much money in today's screwed up economy.
MrDrainBramaged: im trying to understand what people are seeing in it..I am still bored with D4 lmao

D3 is still better and LE is still better
minuette1752: I think this season is more about just having fun, leveling fast, and showing off the new systems.
ryvyr: "If I'm less happy but tons of people are more happy, then I'm happy"
Imagine if society was generally more of this disposition, I would tend to prefer that
ae6790: I think the super fast leveling is fine for this season because there wasn't much of a seasonal quest and there was no mechanic at all. It seems like they wanted to boost everyone to endgame as fast as possible this season because that's where most of the new stuff was.
TheRandalHandle: Season 4 has been great so far. Need to dial in my build. The devs need to get rid of levers in the dungeons.
DemonationDog: One way to make nightmare dungeons more exciting is to make new ones and call them Legacy Dungeons that have Legacy Bosses. Examples: The Forgotten Tower, The Bone Chamber, Arcane Sanctuary, The Spider's Lair, The Monestary, Dark Tunnel, Burial Grounds, etc. And have them have some legacy bosses inside: Blood Raven, The Summoner, King Leoric, Lazarus, Izual, Nihlathak, etc. And can we please get a damn cow level with the cow king?!? Come on, Blizzard!
fwabble: Season 4 has been transformative for me I am enjoying it MUCH more than previously - it's a GREAT game. Now they can just progress with content and minor tweaks - I am glad I waited, I played some of season 3 tried a few classes but whilst I did like it, I was underwhelmed 'overall' - something was missing. This time, I am absolutely LOVING playing.
SyntaxWyntax: Only took 1 year for the company who invented loot grinding mmos to make a loot system that isnt trash lol
linux_master_race: I was one of those who picked up D4 early on and put in enough hours to hate it. I came back to it this season and I'm having a blast. Really good work in this patch.
darius8652: D4 is no longer bad. It is now mid. hopefully by the time it become good it does not break from DLC>
markd9318: I got to 100 in 3 days. Before this season i never got past 80. But i might just be crutching on necro minions.
MilinkovicFilip: Diablo 4 taking a full year to be in a state it should have released in is exactly
Xylasider: On the note of fast leveling. I've been a player since open beta. I get builds on maxroll. With the amount of free time I get to play I've never gotten a character to level 100. The closest I got was Season 2, I got my character to 93. I'm looking forward to hopefully changing that this season and actually defeating Uber Lilith.

May 23 2024

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