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Diablo 4 is getting MAJOR QoL Updates today! Season 4

Kandi-Walker: Need to buff stig stone drop rates but happy for gold drop on upgrades
jadahulley5519: “Slight buff for sorcerers” you mean a minor buff for a skill no one uses. Sorcerer single target damage is a joke. They need to reverse the many nerfs given to sorc over the past year.
grackization: I gave up on D4 after S2 but my mate said to have a look at S4 and fell in love again after 5 mins… feels like this is the game I’ve been expecting and hoping for when D4 was released
jonaswolf53: They should fix all the sorc bugs. Sorc misses a lot of Dmg cause of these bugs
Nesti85: Pfiew, switched to Bash yesterday
Terracronz: I stayed on masterwork 8/12 because of this upcoming patch, looking forward to being fully powered.
D.Boni93: I don't know what is supposed to be “huge” about this patch. It's a very small patch with almost no QoL.
josephkim007: In terms of high tier builds, the holy bolt elixir, they may seem busted. However, when it comes to under performing builds, I feel like the holy bolt elixir is a breath of fresh air because I can play what I want without relying on the meta and still be able to clear content.
And yes, I would prefer seasonal powers/mechanics but I’ll still roll with what I get ^^
frodobeggins4581: Hello Rob, I’m from another country, I don’t know where to write about the bug, the barbarian’s passive skill “Raid Leader” stops working, it restores 3% of health when you have an active shout, in combination with the “Yen Blessing” boots, there is a 60% chance of using a skill that is still not restored - screams stop restoring health, please write to them about this, I thought they would fix it in this patch, but apparently they don’t even know about it. Thank you.
ammemnon8780: I like how he said he dosnt like using holy bolts but using that bugged leap build
PJChady: I have a suggestion for sorc that doesn't require tons of fine-tuning. Give back the 3rd enchantment slot and give them a 3rd ring and 2nd amulet slot. It fits the theme of the class, and would also help with survivability with access to more cooldown and not being forced into essentially giving up a temper with Tal Ring.

These extra slots would instantly bring them up 10 tiers, or help with survivability issues that arise from pushing high when you try to Max DPS, and would also help promote more build diversity.
kevinmann2154: Need to buff stig stone drop rates but happy for gold drop on upgrades.

May 29 2024

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