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Diablo 4 Is A Different Game Now

Khasym: Diablo 4 might be a different game, but Activision Blizzard is still the same company.
SharpShot501st: Here's the problem: Blizzard released an unfinished game for $70 and said it was a complete experience. Game had a ton of bugs, terrible systems, incapability for basic features in other games, and awful loot pools. Then when the game needed buffs to characters, they decided the right move was to nerf everything in favor of monthly active user count. I do not pay $70 to beta test a game and help the development of a title for a company that was just acquired for $69 billion dollars.

Act-Blizz is constantly disrespecting it's customer base and everyone's okay with eating the shit sandwich. When it's finally a year or two later and the game is in the condition we were promised upon released it is considered 'good' and 'worth it.'
Rewarding companies for their horrible behavior won't change anything.
Diablo 4 could be the best game ever, but I simply will no longer tolerate a multi-billion dollar company treating me like an employee who pays them.
If gamers actually gave a shit and had some self respect, they shouldn't buy anything from Blizz again until their respect has been earned again.
Say D4 is different all you want, but Blizzard is still the same shitty company, extracting money from whales while paying employees below industry standards.

TL;DR - Pay bad company, get bad game. Stop buying bad game from bad company.
xXSimplySammyXx: Still not touching Diablo until Blizzard becomes a better company
MyUsualComment: "Time is a flat circle", "History repeats itself", "You learn from your mistakes."

It's D3 vs RoS all over again.
Shiirow: Diablo 4 : "Its less terrible than it was previously, play it today."
docnoximus: But you still have to pay out the ass for the best looking gear. The reward structure is a fkng joke.
D3 had decent seasonal sets you could loot in upper tiers. So if you played multiplayer, people would recognize ‘hey that player really had to grind and work to get that look’
Now its ‘hey that new player made poor money choices and looks cooler than my 300hour grind’
aliceholmes4952: no its not. just one problem halfassed solved. plenty more to go
cfehunter: Helldivers wins with battle passes for two reasons.
1.) They're not time sensitive. You unlock it, it's yours eventually if you earn it.
2.) You can earn ingame currency, even if it's not incredibly fast after the first pass.

All other games should follow suit honestly.
RauschenPauli: no its not. just one problem halfassed solved. plenty more to go.
Bavdingo: They won't have my money
cjsayers3346: Bud. This just makes me regret buying the game in the first place. It shouldn't have taken a year to get a fucking mainline diablo game into a fun playable state.
mig2937: People got bad taste MW3 and Diablo 4 is still boring as hell.
AndresColumbus: different game doesn't mean a good game...they want to sell the people who weren't fooled before a mid game at full price...that's all this is
SpicyFiur: Not going to buy a Blizzard game. Nope. Even if it's a different game. SAME COMPANY. NOT DESERVED TO BE BOUGHT!
katmannsson: its super not. The loot is good now, thats it. Its still the same game with no reason to actually play it the loot is meaningless because we have no reason to want good loot because there is nothing worthwhile to do. Loot 2.0 didn't save Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls and Adventure Mode specifically Rifts did. Their hollow facsimiles are a miss.
ankoo439: Nice try. No thanks, still same dull gameplay.
skirnirBG: no set items, still they dont care.
86cid: Still not good enough to come back
AdamDelFante: I have well over 10k hours in ARPGs and I did not finish the D4 campaign once. It was fucking awful. I’ve tried three times. I don’t get past level 20ish. I get bored and log off. There is no hook, no dopamine.
daerovius7535: yeah, it went from a 2/10 game to a 4/10 game, still shit
PollyCot: "Finally good" is meaningless. Have we forgotten the Fallout 76 fiasco already and devs not delivering on release?
W0lfenstrike: Paid Battle Passes on full-priced $70 USD games is fu**ing disgusting.
TrevorM1992: Is it offline single player yet?
user-gk2wg1du7d: It was and is a pass for me. I'll look at it again after the expansion, if they charge for the expansion, its still a pass.
krucible9369: The whole point of Diablo / ARPGS is to kill monsters and pick up cool looking loot.

The fact that EVERY nice looking piece of gear / transmog is in the store just takes away motivation to play.
triplepalletjack: Still fucking sucks.
And bores me to tears.
They fucking failed with this game.
AimRobot: They havent touched the main problem of the game.
pedroalmeida3474: How to fix the game: Scrap ALL Diablo 4 loot, implement Diablo 2 loot and item systems. Fixed.
randomhero6365: People are hyping the update way too much. Its still extremely mid
adjwindu70: The way it appears to me is they released a beta for 70 bucks and now the real game is coming out.
dickeyseamus: Went back in, played just under an hour and no.
Desu-Desu-Chan-San: Tried it again, tapped out before I hit 50 because I was bored out of my mind.
Michael-eb8nf: It doesnt matter how much the game changed if the company is still trash. I really wish people would stop validating these corpo husks well after the fact.
Henbot: Got it on launch and had never played Diablo before — was more interested in campaign which was let down and then the whole you reset characters wasn’t fan off and so much just busy work. I wanted one character to journey through things until completing the story.

May 26 2024

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