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alfredgreybeard: Come on now, this girl is just reaching for a complaint and to stir up drama. In no way does this make the game pay to win, and saying it's because people level race is pretty dumb. If there was an official leveling race with in game rewards.. sure maybe, butthere isn't so no.
KrugerFS: Technically POE is P2W with stash tabs, but also not a deal breaker for most people.
guyonbench: I was leveling so fast that half the time I didn't even have ashs equipped because I didn't realize I had unlocked multiple levels of the battle pass while playing.
jarnold420ja: I could give a $%#@ if someone levels faster than me? lol! You spend your money!
RainerGigachad: Gotta love the POE background music in a D4 video.
mahatmasloth6543: still have no idea how one "wins" an ARPG
virgo4200: THIS would be Pay2win if ladders and world first was in the game and people trying to get rank 1 first..her take is kinda right it can be pay to win once ladders drop as of now d4 isn't competitive without the ladders
aaronhumphrey3514: Oh no, you get to level a tiny bit faster in a game where leveling is already super charged, lol.
AlexandraSpeaks: "It's pay to win because I wanted to pay for something"

nybsfp7486: No problem that someone Spends $500 on a “free” game to, ya know, support it and get perks.

But spend $10 for a bit quicker access to something that doesn’t matter?
jarnold420ja: What are we winning?

May 27 2024

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