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Diablo 4 Interview with Joe P and Adam J!

trunglerfevr: This was a really great interview, Raxx. It's really nice to see the dev team get in front of the camera and actually talk about this stuff. It makes me excited to play the game.
darvis2671: Great job today. It's hard in 45 mins to get everything answered, but I thought you did a great job getting quality answers on what you did get to ask
musicxxa6678: Man i love these devs. Happy how things going for D4 and seeing devs mindset makes me more confident and invested.
brandongreene7207: Adam Jackson is straight up money.. they better never get rid of him. He gets it.. // Raxx my advice would be to frame questions as yes, no, maybe, haven't discussed internally. Some information is better than none and if its like.. offline mode and Joe says "yes" you can see "soon, or after DLC?"
timelyspirit: Rax this was an excellent interview. You asked real questions with context. And they gave real answers. This did not feel like a bunch of PR. I appreciate in-depth responses over rapid fire superficial answers.
BigArt8844: I love how raxx sums up info in the beginning before asking a question so they can't go on a tangent and take up time repeating it lol
TheAndreceva: I think the format you did was great. I like this idea of having both well developed questions and answers. The reality is that there's only some much stuff you can cover in a given time, and you did a fantastic job with the time you had.
alessiorossetti6639: don't beat yourself up about the missed questions Raxx, it was very well done by you. Also i think the reason why it wasn't possibile to fit many more question in is because the were answering kinda passionately about pretty much everything, i felt like they were exposing their real developer standpoint and i think it's pretty important for fans to hear
adamhenry9132: What is going on with the mounted paper towel roll at Adam's bedside table?
Kristjan_N: You did great, thanks!

Here's some of my feedback:

- Questions about the next season are not a topic I would suggest for a stream like this: the time is so limited, and questions that obviously will be answered in a week or two are a waste of time (note about Robs question)
- overall, I really liked the direction and the fact that they both actually explained some systems.
- I would've made a more specific emphasis on the main problem areas, meaning: social systems, WHY doesn't the game have them after a year of release? In other words, why have they been thinking that it is not a big enough issue. Same goes for armory, imho it is a huge deal. That said, if the reason is that they do not have the resources to make both an armory and a loot revamp at the same time - then there's a bigger problem at play.

So overall, all questions should be open ended for them to talk about some of the reasons the game is as it is. You could've asked them to explain the whole "loading stash tabs" topic to get a proper answer beyond that one tweet.

That big preparation was imho great, it made you confident in asking your questions, so don't worry!.

I just hope the next interview is not all these same topics, and DM can just say "for my fans, listen to Rhykker/Raxx before watching this interview".

May 13 2024

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