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Diablo 4 How to Get INFINITE Gold Easy Fast in Season 4 Masterworking Enchanting Gold Guide!

htuck3: Thumbnail: “INFINITE GOLD GLITCH!!!!!”

Video: “play the game”
bsr2400: Honestly guys , if we also get plenty gold where is the challenge, everything in d4 is easy and fast now i season 4 exept getting gold , just stop complaining guys and start grinding
CamOffLife: I love how this video drops right when the Tree of Whispers bug happens and bunch of people can't even turn in their Tree of Whispers for rewards
Semirotta: I have no money at all all the time, its frustrating :D
luisemoralesfalcon4716: Goldmember theme incoming.
vitiokx: Sell yellow, salvage legendary...did not encounter gold issue, but did noticed that its quiet expensive
AizenJabberwock: Oh, they are simply "discussing" it? I assumed it was beyond obvious that they needed to hotfix a 5x to 10x in gold income yesterday already.. -_-"
christopherzirkel1792: Yeah. I need to farm for gold. Not to mention getting the Uber uniques back. The problem is that even with max resist to all elements, I got a feeling the tormented versions of the bosses will definitely kick me down many times over.
chrisbenson98: When leveling up your glyphs, there’s “gold find” dungeons. Just another source of gold.
g.belanger8302: NMD and Pit need to provide enough gold to enable masterworking progress on their own, i.e. no need to grind lower-level content
jsullivan649: Gotta say, everyone is dumping on the barb being weak early game, yet it’s the only class I am having fun playing right now. I have a necro and sorc in their 80’s and it’s just boring.. I don’t know what it is, but the need to move and prioritize targets with a barb is just more fun, hell I didn’t even have his crates since I started necro and i still find gearing is more fun and interesting.

Thank god there’s a gold work around right now so I can actively keep pushing with him.

May 19 2024

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