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Diablo 4 Heartseeker Guide New Best Rogue Build

jorgephilippe1: I started with heartseeker and im having a blast! My build is more personal, im using the aspect of storm Arrow too (i know, its not the best, but i think its really cool
Bowazon: I did some frame-by-frame attack speed testing with flurry and heartseeker yesterday. With the setup I was using (159% AS with flurry, 115% AS without) I was only shooting 1 extra heartseeker after 12/13 rounds. It takes time to cast flurry itself and that animation takes a while, so it takes 12/13 shots to make up for the initial deficit because some of the time you're casting flurry instead of heartseeker.

At best, you get a 8% DPS boost *when you play optimally all the time which is pretty much impossible*
Rafael-km9mx: Still waiting for a decent melee rogue build :/
-Kailinn-: Played a similar setup in season 3, Heartseeker is nuts. Now it's a lot better.
PyroIsBack: I run this as a Hail of arrows version. Also smooth sailing.
ra33it69: The Maxroll guide is different to the D4 Planner that the written guide links, which is differnt again to the D4 planner in this video... I'm so confused.
mawe8601: I love how currently there seems to appear a new viable build each day. They finally brought some variety to the game.
GBIGBIGBI: Great guide!
I am so tired of necro so will definitely give this build a try.
Might as well use it for levelling.
Smhallways: What about the Paingorger gloves?
JerBuster77: That is a lot of left clicking.

May 23 2024

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