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Diablo 4 Gold: Grab new character-inspired Overwatch 2 gear

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It’s time to reunite and stand with your fellow heroes as you fight for a better future—in style.

To celebrate Overwatch 2’s launch, we’ve added a slew of new character-themed goods to the gear store. Want to flex your Genji main pride? Feel like getting a bit foxy with some kitsune-themed swag? Are you keen to devour the latest character lore? With now available, there’s plenty of merch for you to peruse.

Be daring and clever like the battle-healer Kiriko with the and . Let the Kitsune guide you!

She’s fierce, resourceful, and there’s Carnage everywhere she goes. Bow down to her majesty, the Junker Queen, with the .

Overclock your knowledge of the cybernetic commander Sojourn with her riveting origin story as told in from Mana Books, available for pre-order now and releasing on November 8.

Power up your collection with a statue of Reinhardt in the midst of generating a rocket-propelled attack swinging his hammer with the , available for pre-order now and releasing in November.

Never sacrifice comfort while you game! Pre-orders are now available for the gorgeous and ergonomically refined Overwatch 2 Tracer Chair and Overwatch 2 Genji Chair from Secretlab.

Oct 18 2022

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