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Diablo 4 Gold: Devour the Webtoons of Sanctuary

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Envisioned by acclaimed Webtoons author Jo Seok, the bone chilling Webtoons of Sanctuary collection may unsettle the most hardened of adventurers. Originally published in Korean, these tales provide a glimpse into the fabled horrors the wary inhabitants of Sanctuary might regale to unruly children under a full moon.

There are 6 ominous installments in total to shock and delight. Each individual tale of this anthology delves into the unseemly and macabre; the imagined terrors that lurk before the light of another grim dawn. A lone wanderer strikes a bargain in a sleepy village, a family cautiously welcomes their newest member, a child seeks to pay respects to a lost Grandparent, and more.

As is often the case in Sanctuary—things are not what they seem to be. Read the Webtoons of Sanctuary below!

Oct 24 2023

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