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TheLumpy107: There is another elixir, called elixir of antivenin, which you get as a quest reward and you can use that on top of the other elixir for another 8% exp.
The quest is called pinch of poison.
mwrobins11: So do helltides and their events and use potions
p7755fn: Buff chain lightning sorc asap for pit
aionvibe.: So basically do the same as when the game first dropped lol, this is why me and my whole group quit this game before season one. It’s cringe the game never changes, and it’s all about going in a dungeon end game by yourself for fun. By the time you grind for the really rare pieces you’ll already be stacked and it’s just pointless
thisishowthetruthdies684: Tyrael's Might with plus 8 resistance and plus 16 DR. I've also see a Shako with three greater affixes. The level of unfairness in this game truly sickens me, says someone sitting zero for 300 on uber runs.
ausikc3530: The master working would be cool if there was any point to it just pushing pit is boring as fuck and i have no issues doing anything else without the master work stuff so its meh to me
TrickShotCop: Gonna lvl up a Barb now!
vapixdarmana4428: The legendary augment that gives 2000-4000% damage of a certain type based on what it rolls is so stupidly good for leveling like wtf.
Domaorn: correction you want one seasonal exilir one incense and one antiven pot.. you can use all 3 and they all count for exp gains
brettstephens6853: Pro tip; ignore everything he just said. Type LF tier 3 and 4 boost 500k per in group, once in group say NMD 500k per after? They say yes, you’ll be 60 in around 40 mins. Then equip all those ancestrals you’ve got in your stash from the nmds then just speed run nmds until 100, few hours. Have every class as 100 btw.

May 27 2024

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