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Diablo 4 Get ALL Uber Uniques 100 No RNG Easy Season 4 Uber Unique Fast Farm Guide More!

IMIark: I got a Ring Of Starless Skies from a pit tier 41 boss haha
leorick188: This is awesome and Im loving this season for this BUT the boulder druid doleman stone needs work. Glitch where the boulder won't come out
313Sonny: So far I've been able to get Shako and the Grandfather.
zoddie: I swear there is some issue with the drop rate for stygian stones, you need those for the hardest uber bosses...I have 1 and I'm lvl 97. many have done pit runs to 100 and never seen one and that's where they are supposed to drop.
Dragostan2k9: we killed tormented duriel 20 times in a 3 man group so it is 3x20x5 uniques = 300 uniques. we got 2 ubers for the same guy.

totally EASY to farm lol. i hate this game.
Azg4l0R1: Andariel is a bad choice, for a minion build, while i can dmg her nicely, on the 2nd phase the fire beam she does kills all minions, even the golem so do not waste your mats if you play minions
baycitybeat5593: You can use resplendent sparks on characters other than the one who farmed it?
foxx0932: i didnt get spark from last reward on
iron wolfs
eliteppatel2946: Can the normal (not the tormented) summoned duriel boss drop drop the grandfather.
mindfreaktsa7680: TBH i don't find Uber uniques valuable now coz if u can find perfected end game gear, grind the Pit & Masterwork to even 4/12 it's very powerful & beats most Uber uniques

May 21 2024

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