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Diablo 4 FASTEST 1100 Leveling Guide in Season 4! Every Class

B78p1neus: Pro tip: play the game
LordNerfherder: Tips for future content:
- chapters with a headline up so we easily can go back and forth.
- A list in subject lines for key things to do at key levels or links to the actual time if you dont want to give us the info but force us to watch
- Honestly just check robs excel and read off it.
mouthbreathershinanigans3265: Pro tip- Don't die.
bryonssmith: Commenting for the algorithm
johncady4466: Lvling alts is faster than ever. Temper thorns on everything soon as u get yellows. Gives you about 2500 base then get the thorns aoe and go afk in helltide.
menswearhous: Whats the best way to get gold early on?
edgaramos4337: 2nd
warning2246: Saved my arse
Thanks for your guide sir

It is really clueless on the map when you start the S4 questline
Whenever I clicked on the map quest, the waypoint don't show on the map directly
Until I saw your video...
Chris.Fate.: Give me tips on getting more nightmare sigils and sigil powder, because I refuse to run trash nm dungeons.
joesnows7322: Last season tons of tests were done that showed you gained more EXP in WT1 than you fo in WT2 due to the fact you can kill more monsters faster thus giving more XP overall

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