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Diablo 4 Endgame Dust Devil Barbarian Build Guide Best Barb Build Season 4

Snikkii15: This build is from Maxroll n a guy name Snail did this. I'd be nice if you give the actual guy credit. Paragon/Skill literally 1:1 lol
TouzY69: You dont show the fight with the boss and you use bolt elixir, lame
noneya9421: This is someone else’s build.
pawelkapica5363: This build is the most fun for me this season after playing frozen orb, which is also a ton of fun, and the imo not so fun minion build (boring). But this one just gives you the feeling of being unstoppable and super powerfull and fast.

That being said, I started to struggle above NMD70 or monster level 120. My resitsances are shit and I struggle to keep my damage up, even though I tried to follow a build guide very closely. Now I crafted myself a shacko so I hope I will be able to move some paragon points around and optimize the build towards damage and tankyness.
Paul-os6ij: how are you doing bleed damage . how are you triggering vulnerable?
jerrys9136: Putting it together now thanks for this build and video currently using your last one it was great!
jamesSmith-fl5wv: I'm doing a bezerk, Whirlwind, dust devil build and it's fantastic! I'm on lv 39 pit because I just started pit, I'm clearing 69 lv nm dungeon and so far I'm not slowing down. I have 78% resists 39k health 16k armor and things are good this season
SKLLZTHATKILLZ: For the build planner gear that you showed, I don't see how you could hit max resistance with 3 armor uniques. I have all those uniques mentioned minus yens and I'm not seeing how to reach the cap
Brandon54507ify: Aye an updated version. Thanks!!
Runelert: This seem fun, lot of action. I like to try. good job

May 23 2024

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