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Diablo 4 Endgame Bash Barbarian Build Guide Best Barb Build Season 4

sjc5411: Too bad this build is gonna get nerfed
Hooplaa: The bleed node that deals more bleed damage to vulnerable enemies seems like it's not needed.
emi992: Why invest in challenging shout cooldown on your armor when theirs an aspect that reduces cooldown when shouting in proximity to enemies and the Marshal Glyph? Martial Vigor & Imposing Presence are way better imo
AnonymousTopGamer: This build is bad, using duel wierd for bash is way much better
Snak3hipz: Great build! I played around and swapped bash to dual wield (1 hammer, obviously) and steel grasp for rupture - 50% uptime with 40% attack speed is awesome! Thanks for your work!
Finalboss1976: Nice build
emi992: How are you running a bash build without stacking Concussion? I have mine 9 just through armor tempering on 3 pieces
justsaying3176: best barb" end game" shows pit 82 wtf is that even my naked sorc can do that sht
rodgerbane3825: On the bonebreaker board I really like the overpower every 12 seconds legendary.

May 26 2024

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