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Diablo 4 CONFIRMED Game BROKEN, Class Nerfs, Free Sparks, Tempering Chance Revealed, Gold More!

JoeBoozer: tempering is so stupid. keeps bricking my gear... this game is pissing me off.
Jdiroe: They should let you select the tempering affix you want or let you re roll if you brick item for a cost
ayufever1978: bricking items from bad tempers and needing more gold to keep buying attempts for enchanting are all working as intended since it keeps the player logged in and engaged with the product
JosephSeed.: 300 rolls is not even close to a real sample size.
j0a0m4: Sorc is performing so bad even with shako and starless skies, can't believe it
lowshay: Incense now disappears after death again. Not sure when they went back on that.
xelor2795: Even while being bugged all the classes are stonger then sorc its not that hard to see that sorc need some fucking buff
Eqnotalent: Blizzard ain’t GGG, they don’t have the math literacy or willing to put in the time to code for weighting on afflix or crafting.
MrLove-ty1si: And yes DEVs love RNG, where players HATE IT! eff them when you get a good drop, but your temper doesn't fit your build..
Grinspoon666: Not to mention the millions and millions of gold trying to roll a stat then get bricked by tempering

May 30 2024

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