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Diablo 4 Best Max Rank Legendary Aspect Greater Affix Gear Fast Farm Tricks Season 4 Guide!

insertnamehere4419: There is absolutely no hot tip here. This whole video is just saying " play the game"
fyuriusryage5353: I have spent thousands of obols, and have never gotten any uniques so far. Convinced I am bugged at this point.
vexmyth0clast: I’m literally hunting the exact same thing and I’m over tier 100 in pit. I can’t get a golem mastery chest piece and a good amulet to save my life. My rng has been ass this season.

Edit: new Helltide boss dropped me 3 Hellbent and 3 golem mastery chest piece at the same time
strawberryvibe8123: Is the game good again
TheWolv69: Hlelltide mindcage, mine seems to go away after I have been killed in hell tides
thechessplayer8328: Tip: get infinite shakos. Method: play the game for infinite hours
Cori-jt7eb: Engaging in this dialogue feels like being part of a sisterhood, united by a shared thirst for truth.
CheezitBlaster76: This a good guide, def dig the new season atm
mazina-x: I love your guides
antoniof1463: Do Whispers on Helltide, keep spamming Blood Maiden and open the chests.

May 22 2024

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