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Diablo 4 Best Gold Mats Farm FAST to USE NOW in Season 4! 50 MILLIONHOUR

Domaorn: well well well.. let me clue ya in on the BEST way ... helltide... get your threat full and let it start to tick down... leave the game to character screen then log right back in.. ya have to kill something.. all of a sudden till hell tide is over... rare packs after rare packs spawn on ya... unless hell tide ends or you die... you wont ever get the last boss but ... dude the sheer amount of gold, drops, and exp cant be beat that way.... of course they will patch it soon.... so there ya go that literally is the BESt way to farm gold and mats 500 million if ya do it right.. and yes you can go to town and back and it will work....
terrylee924: TLDR all he says is play the game , could have been a 5 second video
TheUnknownDonke: Yo w I love the videos
Snickerv12: Just like all the other videos...max is whispers..nothing has changed. Ever. Since beta. Can't wait for season 5 remix

May 25 2024

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