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Diablo 4 77 Uber Boss Down in Hardcore SSF

UnholyGB: Hey wudi you linked grigore in Liliths spot in the description
georgesilvesan: Hmm who else was participating in this race?
shawnzy4101: Congratulations!
ILVETERINARIO: The game is too easy
woogaloo: It was awesome to see you beat Lilith! Love watching the stream even though I'm not playing at the moment. Going to start a Sorc after I finish Stellar Blade.
Wackydantetdh: D4 bad still. Just not as bad tho.
chuudotgaming5685: The best, now imagine if the monk was in the game. He would be going nutty!
toondeath5450: Thank god they changed the colour of the heat seeking skulls. Red skulls over a red tinted floor while the boss is spamming red attacks before she does her big attack that makes the floor completely red...Easily the most incompetent boss-fight design decision I've seen in the past few years
Luc9Nine: Ggs

May 18 2024

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