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Diablo 4 - The New Best MOST POWERFUL Season 4 Build For Every Class - Class Ranking \Builds Guide!

J-Reverb: And u wonder why you get so many dislikes and hate on your videos. The season and updates aren't even out yet and you're already making more "best new builds!" videos...
vreelz: Isnt the overall approval for druid the tornado druid and not bolder? And necromancer seems to be the golem or shadow mage minion buikd not bone spear. I think you need to relook at all of the changes from the patch notes
FootballDad2008: Sorc frozen orb build on PTR was pretty insane but not sure how the changes will impact it. The amulet % decrease yes but also now I don't think it's self replicating as you brought up in your vid as it now says "on cast" so no more endless orb/conj cycles, and it doesn't proc now off the secondary orb explosions (which I guess was a bug on PTR). We can still cast frozen orb pretty quickly so could still be OP, looking forward to trying it out. If I was a betting man - I think blizzard spec is going to show up again with crazy staff glacial stats......
joeandvenessapersons8805: Super excited to see what comes with S4 and what you guys come up with for builds with the updated codex and masterworking !
delta8731: I still can't decide what class to play for season 4. My main rn is overpower necro, I love it.
Hard to decide.
Sepp2009: man the boulder druid looks boring...
victortung747: dropped the game during season 1, clicked on this video, and found that barbarian has become a tornado spawning druid
CyclopsWasRight616: feels like you guys have been talking about Season 4 since December. And, the moment Season 4 drops, you'll be talking about Season 5.
JLee62671: Will the new loot system still be in effect if I’m playing on non-seasonal character?

May 10 2024

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