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Diablo 4 - Rogue A Lot Stronger Than We Thought?!

oknee1422: Wudijo when Necros are on top :
HarryPlopper420: Wudi: “this helps rogues catch up to necros”
Devs: “hey this is good for rogues? Let’s nerf it!”
thisishowthetruthdies684: Please don't say "bug". Bug equals definite nerf. As hard as it is for you to believe, some of us actually play games just to have mindless fun.
z0ttel89: Why is Flurry Rogue F-tier? Wasn't flurry buffed? No good tempering options for it or why's that?
ShadowoftheDarkgod: Rogue bros... we are so back
Avenexful: Omg i hope area damage never returns...
pulsss: super hyped to see a heartseeker build, was something i was toying around with since the release of D4 but always felt just fell short due to lack of basic attack support.
whateverfloatsyourboat4586: that shadow step build feels very assassiny. I like!
KazekanAgiel: Since when do Lucky Hit bonuses on gear affect things like keystone abilities or LH effects on items? Isn’t it just supposed to affect your skill’s base chance to lucky hit? I really don’t see how you’d ever get to a 100% chance to proc this effect unless this keystone is also bugged beyond just the double-dipping.
Kingsley_Royal: if the victimize explosions aren't pushing rogues to SS tier and are still lagging behind the minion necros and the sorc speeds then hopefully it's left alone till the end of the season before they hotfix it. Because without it the only viable competitive build is rapid fire, which a lot of players won't like.
I'm personally going to try victimize with pen shot and get some big aoe clear.
Deadscheme: I really don't think there was enough time to flesh out this tier list. Just level what you want because within less than a month the tier lists will look completely different.

May 13 2024

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