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Diablo 4 - New Best S4 Highest Damage Sorcerer Build - Easy Early Torment At 50 - Full Guide \More!

AubreyTaylor-ew5yj: Why are people complaining about the title of the video? Every build I've tried from here has been fun to play.
darrionrobinson8553: See you again in 48 hours for the next NEW BEST BUILD THAT DESTROYS EVERYTHING
Rikevis10: I usually start with sorc, but had to try minion necro … because … you know.

But every time I watch one of your build guides I get an uncontrollable desire to put two points into fire bolt!
baskkev7459: Lol. I using your level inc build. Its fun, no mana problems at all. And kill pretry much everything on the screen
maih600: Wasn’t the announced armour cap 9230? Was it changed or is there something else that needs that extra 600?
blubber1239: Probably another stolen build they won't credit again.
fatalcrest4504: Finaly i can move on the Paragon board
inthebunkerwithmike4415: Man, I needed this video!! Thank you!
AeSkone: Played Incinerate to level 100 and well, it’s definitely fun and it has enough damage for ND60 but it’s the survivability where it hits a wall hard. I get one shoted on and on and on. even so I caped everything. Somehow Sorc feels in this category thrown back to preseason and season 1.
Also it toke me 14 hours longer as the fastest necro player and 8 hours longer than good Necro players to pull off 100.
Will definitely switch to frozen orb or rather ball lightning for higher NDs and Pits.
Trublusmurf: Been waiting on this

May 16 2024

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